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Chile: Kayaking
  Enjoy the warmth of the South American summer as you sharpen your kayaking skills in the varied whitewater tumbling from the Andes. Our individualized instruction will boost both your competence and confidence.  
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Cascade Kayak School’s Instructional Kayaking trips
Cost: $3250. Airfare not included

2019 Dates:
December 30 2018 - January 10th 2019
January 13-24 2019
January 27- February 7, 2019 (SOLD OUT)

Please note: All trip dates are arrival in Chile to departure in Chile (Temuco). Spaces for our trips are limited and fill quickly, so we recommend making reservations several months in advance. A deposit of $600 will reserve your space. A second payment of $1325 is due September 1st and the balance is due by November 1st. All payments are non-refundable.

At Cascade Kayak School, we focus on instructional sessions to improve your kayaking skills while offering exposure to a variety of whitewater. We spend much of our time on sections of the Rios Trancura and Liucura just outside of Pucón. The crystal-clear water of the Liucura provides technical class II and III rapids until it merges with the bigger volume class III Lower Trancura. The Upper Trancura contains more difficult class IV and V rapids.

To gain some additional variety in river volumes and character, we take several day trips to other rivers. The fuchsia-lined banks of the upper Rio Fuy contain continuous class IV rapids that will challenge more advanced paddlers while the lower section offers well-defined class II and III whitewater. Bigger volume water can be found on the 21-kilometer stretch of the San Pedro (class III and IV). The Michin offers relaxing paddling and floating through some of the area’s most beautiful scenery. Depending on water levels, we often round out our river selection with the creekish Aluminé just over the Argentinean border. Our instructional staff will select the best options for continuing your learning progression and adding to your Chilean Experience.

Many airlines fly from the US to Chile. Here are some of the more popular options:

LanChile from Los Angeles or New York
United or LanChile from Miami or Chicago
Delta from Atlanta
American from Dallas

Upon your arrival in Santiago, you pass through immigration and customs. You will then board a short domestic flight South to Temuco (about 1 hour and 15 minutes). We will meet you with ground transportation for the final leg of the journey to our base in Pucón. The drive of about 100 km will take us along the green shores of Lago Villarrica and towards the Andes.

Travel to Chile requires a valid passport with at least 90 days between your travel and the expiration date of your passport. It is not necessary to secure a visa in advance; you will be handed a Tourist Visa (good for 90 days) on the plane. Chile is relatively free from poisonous creatures and plants as well as infectious diseases. No immunizations are required.

We can book your air travel for you for no additional fee (you only pay airline ticket prices) via TNT Travel.  If you are interested in our booking service please contact Tren Long or call 208-571-7199. 

Paddle, helmet, lifejacket, sprayskirt
Drytop or long sleeved paddling jacket
Short sleeved paddling jacket
Long and short-sleeved insulation
Booties or river sandals
Shorts/personal river wear
River/beach towel
2 pairs of pants
2 sweatshirts/long-sleeved shirts/light jackets
4-5 pair of shorts
4-5 short-sleeved shirts
Sandals/walking shoes/hiking boots
Toiletries and necessary medications

Many of the rivers we will paddle have fairly cold water and a second set of gear (particularly insulation) is nice so that you don’t have to put on wet gear when you head out in the afternoon.
You do not need to bring your kayak with you to Chile. We have a variety of boats for your use including WaveSport, Pyrana, Jackson, Perception and Dagger models. If you have specific questions regarding boats, please feel free to give us a call for more information.

To give you an idea of what to expect, a typical day of your kayaking trip will include morning and afternoon paddling sessions with a return to the lodge for lunch and a rest between. During the 13 days you will be in Chile, we suggest you plan some days or half days of rest time to take advantage of some of the sightseeing and recreational diversions in and around Pucón as well as maintain your energy level so that you are able to continue the learning progression.

About Pucon
Located on the north side of the Villarrica Volcano and on the shores Lake Villarrica, Pucón is a popular destination for tourists of all nationalities. In the language of the native people, the Mapuche, Pucón means “the gateway to the mountains.” Indeed, this typical Chilean village of approximately 9,000 residents is surrounded by natural wonder; volcanoes, lakes, mountains, rivers, hot springs, caves, and more.

With rafting companies, grocery stores, Internet cafes, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, and more along the main street, Pucón has the relaxed atmosphere of a summer retreat. The lively downtown area features open-air markets, a variety of restaurants, and boutiques—a unique combination of the fun and functional. Upscale hotels and casinos line the beach of Lago Villarrica, which offers swimming, sunning, boat rentals, and ample opportunities for rolling and technique tune-ups.

The surrounding area boasts many sightseeing and recreational diversions. The most notable of these is the chance to climb the active volcano that towers above the town of Pucón. The day-long excursion will take you to the summit of Volcán Villarrica. If wind conditions permit, you can peer into the cone to view the escaping gases and sometimes, molten lava. Trips are offered daily through Sol y Nieve. Also in close proximity to Pucón are los Ojos de Caburga park and waterfalls, hot springs, a zip-line (canopy) tour, horseback riding and more. To the West of our area is the coastal port of Valdivia. Highlights of the city include a tour of the Old Spanish fort, the artisan center on the wharf, and the harbor sea lions. Relive a piece of Chile’s history as you wander among the cannons and back through time.

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